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Jingran has a strong glasses brand endorsement, unified distribution, no shop cost, no need to open a physical store and low cost of on-site operation; Easy free try on, online shopping experience unparalleled, professional optometry equipment, easy to achieve remote free vision testing, eye disease screening. We have a very fast speed of lens matching, which solves the time cost of waiting for lens matching online. Make every customer feel convenient, quick and valuable, bring a clear and comfortable vision to every blurred line of sight, make every glasses practitioner show his talents and get rich incidentally


Select the international brand hot glasses style, brand new marketing way, every customer can become a commission master


Perfect grinding lens matching center, remote professional optometry service, isilu automatic processing equipment intelligent warehouse management


The new retail of Internet property, online and offline all-round publicity and marketing, quick response to customer needs for eye health escort


So that every customer feel convenient and fast value


Bring a clear and comfortable vision to every blurred vision


To build an intelligent sales platform for glasses with the largest number of branches in the world

ComeBuy Glasses Sales

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    Free trial and free optometry

    Independently developed intelligent vending machine +★ customized online customer service system
    Not cold devices with a human touch temperature of the scene, ensuring a quality consumer experience

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    Professional optometry equipment intelligent management

    Perfect grinding lens matching center, remote professional optometry service.Easy to try on for free, online shopping experience is unmatched

  • 03

    Quick response to customer requirements

    Intelligent warehouse management of Essilor automatic processing equipment the fastest 30 minutes to complete the mirror matching speed is extremely fast, to solve the time cost of waiting for the mirror matching online

Operation Procedure

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